Monday, November 5, 2007

English Malay Translation Services Now Accepts Two New Payment Methods

English Malay Translation -, the Malay-English or English-Malay translation services now accepts Paypal and Western Union. This was done for the ease of payment of it's International clients.

Both of these payment methods were chosen as they are accepted world wide and secured. The establishment hopes that with these payment methods, clients from outside of Malaysia can now rest assured that their purchase are safe and secured.

So for your Malay to English or English Malay translation needs try out the translation service from

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

English Malay Translation Service

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Press Release) 27 August 2007 -, a new Malay-English or English-Malay translation service provider was recently launched earlier this month.

It is the first Malay-English or English-Malay translation service provider that offers a sliding scale pricing. Starting from USD 0.03 per word, for 5,000 words with the turn around time of 6 days and USD 0.08 per word, for 2,000 words within 24 hours.

Its facilitator, Ihsan Bahri a.k.a Deen says, “My colleagues and I have made sure that our clients can get the most affordable, reliable and on time translation services.”

“We offer this sliding scale pricing because we want to accommodate all types of clients. Those who wants affordable translation services and those who are pressed for time,” says Deen.

When I needed professional English to BM translation for my book, I didn't know what to do. I'm glad that I eventually found Ihsan. His translation services are accurate and affordable,” says Gobala Krishnan, an e-commerce entrepreneur and professional blogger, who has used the service.

Gobala commented further, “He is also extremely professional and has never missed a deadline. I strongly recommend Ihsan's translation services for those who want to sleep in peace knowing that their project is in the right hands."

In conjunction with Malaysia's 50th Independence year, is offering 50% off on any of its translation services.

“Because its our country's 50th Independence year or what we Malaysians called Merdeka, my colleagues and I agreed to give 50% off on any of our translation services until the end of this year, 31st December. Just use this promotion code MER50THNMC when asked,” says Deen.


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